Ready, set, Romance!

Valentines day is fast approaching and will soon be on our doorstep! The day itself has many traditions worldwide including the giving of a dozen red roses, with each rose representing a month of the year and declaring your love to the receiver all year round.

In Denmark, pressed snowdrops are given to a loved one. In France men and women would set up in houses opposite each other and call out the names of the one they secretly loved. If the gent was not happy with his first match he could call for another young lady. The unmatched ladies would gather round a bonfire that evening and burn pictures of the men who turned them down and throw insults at the opposite sex. This has now been banned in France as it was considered to be getting out of hand. In Italy loved ones give chocolate covered hazelnuts with romantic quotes in four languages.

Cupids arrow really does fly worldwide on Saint Valentines Day. The remains of Saint Valentine rest in Dublin  in Whitefriar Street Church and were given to John Spratt by Pope Gregory to bring back to Dublin in 1835, making Dublin the most romantic city in the world… Paris? never heard of the place.

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