To Junaglow, or not to Junagalow?

To Jungalow or not to Jungalow?


Spoiler answer: Jungalow, definitely and start with having a pitcher plant.

Jungalow in Urban dictionary is defined as an accommodation raised off the ground and surrounded by plants or.. well, Jungle. In social media terms it also has another meaning. It stands for an urban dwelling filled with plants.

Working at Adonis we get to hear various reasons for having house plants. Some people buy house plants to hide not particularly pretty fittings, some choose to buy plants to oxygenate their home, some wish to bring a little nature inside.The truth is plants do all of these things and more!


Well, I am a proud owner of nearly 30 house plants and counting! 

I love the Sunday mornings when I wake up with a cup of coffee and check the state of my beloved cohabitants. I forget who exactly, but once somebody said that when you have plants in your home you notice time and seasons changing much more,. And it is truly more important then ever since lots of our lives are spent indoors away from nature in a “seasonless” state of 9-5. My Sunday plant routine of watering and and dewy-eyed plant love clears my mind, makes me feel more present.. until I drift off to Jungalow expansion possibilities.

Since I’ve worked at Adonis, I frequently get tempted by new arriving plants, and there is always something unusual. Current sizzling arrivals are the Pitcher plants, carnivorous dark beauties in hanging pots.There will be no flies on you! Yes, they do actually catch insects, these plants have evolved on nutrient poor soils and get their essentials by digesting creepy crawlies. Good for you! They are tropical plants, that are easy to look after, once you have the right conditions. They need a bright spot near a south facing window and they need regular misting and checking that they do not dry out, no feeding necessary. Wake up in the morning drink your cuppa, mist your pitcher and off to work.

The Latin or Botanical name for the Pitcher plant is Nepenthes. The name was given after a potion that was presented to Helen from Homer’s “Odyssey” to cure her sadness. Its Greek translation literally means “ without grief or regret”.

I shall wish you all to be Nepenthes and visit Adonis to start your own Jungalow.


– contributed by Aiva Veinberga