What’s PRIDE about for you?

We believe that while it’s about celebration (and celebrating our diverse staff here at Adonis), it’s also about supporting and giving back to our LGBTQ+ community.

We are offering a special Pride Bouquet on our website for the rest of this month, with 10% of the sales price being donated to BelongTo Youth Services. 

BeLonG To

“BeLonG To Youth Services is the national organisation supporting lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex (LGBTI+) young people in Ireland. Since 2003, we have worked with LGBTI+ young people, between 14 and 23 years, to create a world where they are equal, safe, and valued in the diversity of their identities and experiences. We also advocate and campaign on behalf of young LGBTI+ people, and offer a specialised LGBTI+ youth service with a focus on mental and sexual health, alongside drug and alcohol support. We respond to the needs of LGBTI+ young people in Ireland and we help them thrive.”