Every little Eco-thing helps…

Flower shops have been given a hard time lately for producing a lot of waste, but here at Adonis Flower Designers we pride ourselves on being as green as we can in more ways than one.

Did you know that having fresh flowers and plants in your life has been proven to help your general well-being, and the added benefit of purifying the air around us. We have a shop full to the brim with fresh cut flowers and indoor plants (and outdoor plants too!) and to offer such a diverse range of lush, fresh items, we have to import them from all over the globe (as there are not as many growers in Ireland or even the UK as we would like), and unfortunately,all that travel does have a carbon footprint. So, to try to counter-balance, we do use as many home grown Irish suppliers who grow there own flowers, plants and foliate right here.  We now offer an all-Irish grown “Florists Choice” bouquet – which uses seasonal blooms bought directly from an Irish grower.

We also stock several ranges of Irish designed and printed gift cards and gift items such as all-natural soy candles and Irish chocolates.

The final decision on how your bouquet is presented is up to you – choose from the traditional brown paper and cellophane wrap – both of which are recyclable, eco biodegradable paper and cellophane, and/or a 100% recycled glass vase.

In order to keep emissions as low as possible, we carefully plan our delivery routes to keep the delivery vehicles footprint as low as possible, and we recycle as much of our commercial waste as we can with the services available to us.

At present, we are also trialling an eco, biodegradable floral foam product fro arrangements so that we can offer this as an alternative to the usual foam products that are commonly used.

Here at Adonis, we are always interested to hear of new ideas, products and services that are available to help all of us live a greener life, so please do get in touch with us if you have a suggestion or advice!