Florists not at work…

Hi folks, Mark here with this week’s blog entry!

“What do we do while under Lockdown”?  Some of our followers have asked us what are we doing while under the current restrictions to keep our “creative juices flowing? Well, we get creative in different ways and also take some time for ourselves to cope with these tough circumstances.

The shop remains closed for the safety of staff and customers alike, but this does not stop the Adonis Flower Designers team from staying active. Some of us have taken to tending their patch of soil and being green fingered souls growing flowers, fruit and veg (or at least trying to, like Sinead!)

Some of us are cutting those beautiful blooms and still being creative in the home. You can take the florist out of the flower shop but you can’t take the flower shop out of that florist (Kat!)



Staying active – a number of us have regularly being taking in the lovely walks around Dublin keeping in mind those social distancing and 2km restrictions now!  There are some beautiful hidden gems in Ireland’s capital city. Online yoga had been another fun activity to keep us supple and ready for action when the shop reopens.


The bakers amongst us have  been trying

out new recipes and even baking goods

for those on the front line in the local hospitals.



Photography has become a new experience for one of us snapping away around the city on their lockdown exercise time capturing the stunning architecture and scenery of Dublin.



There’s also been some beautiful weather and if lucky enough to have a space in the garden or a roof top it’s been time to social distance safely top up on the tan – another great way to relax and drift away!




Paint brushes have been in hand of different types. Bedroom and living room make-overs and renovations in some houses and I myself have taken up watercolours again. So that’s what we are doing to keep ourselves fresh as a daisy ready for our return!