Terms and Conditions

Definition. For the purpose of this agreement, all references to “client” shall be interpreted as a reference to the customer of Adonis Flower Designers Limited (59-60 Patrick Street, Dublin 8). “Items” includes – but is not limited to – all flower stands, candle stands, containers, vases, and plants on hire, furnished by Adonis Flower Designers Limited.

1. All items supplied by Adonis Flower Designers Ltd. remain the property of Adonis Flower Designers Ltd. unless an agreement is made to purchase by the client, in which case ownership of the items will pass to the client upon delivery. Proof of agreement to purchase will be in writing, or specified on the invoice issued to the client by Adonis Flower Designers Ltd.

2. Once items are supplied by Adonis Flower Designers Ltd. the responsibility for their safety passes to the client for the duration they are supplied for, or until the are picked up by Adonis Flower Designers Ltd. or dropped back by the client; this includes outside business hours, overnights, and weekends.

3. Any items supplied for once-off or infrequent events will be invoiced on a separate invoice. When they have been returned in the condition they were supplied in the invoice raised will be credited. Any items damaged/broken/missing will not be credited and the balance of the invoice will be deemed payable.

This also applies to any items supplied on a recurring basis – such as vases, containers, candle stands – which are missing, broken or damaged. In this circumstance Adonis Flower Designers Ltd. will not issue an invoice when supplied, but only when the items have been unreturned, or are damaged on return.

4. Once items are delivered by Adonis Flower Designers Ltd. and received by the Client/Customer or a representative of the client, the responsibility for these items passes to theclient. Adonis Flower Designers Ltd. takes no responsibility for any damage to property or persons caused by the items they supplied once the items have been delivered.

5. Payment terms are upon receipt of invoice unless otherwise agreed in writing.

6. All of our hand-tied bouquets and flower arrangements are made up of the finest fresh flowers available. As fresh flowers are seasonal, not all the arrangements shown online may be available all year round.

Where necessary our florists will substitute unavailable varieties of plants and flowers, but we will never compromise on quality; working to the highest standard, to create stunning displays whatever the weather.